TSG, as he his affectionately known, was born and raised by a single mother in Soweto and later moved to Kagiso. He was declared disabled at birth and he would never be able walk on his two feet.
He went to Adelaide Tambo School (formerly known as JC Merkins) for the physically challenged.
TSG was a gifted and diligent student who achieved distinctions in Mathematics and Geography. As a reward for his academic excellence, he was selected as one of the six learners to visit Oakland school in Cheshire, England.
In 2007 his mother passed away, this devastated him. His foundation was uprooted.
In 2010 he got accepted to study Mechanical Engineering at Wits University, however, in the same year he was excluded from Wits, for failing to meet the minimum requirements.
His mother’s passing and his failure at Wits taught him a lifelong lessons that he continues to apply today. For the next two years (2011-2012), his life was chaotic, he was dejected, with no hope and desire to live, and started abusing  alcohol.
For a while he lived in despair, but God turned his life around and continues to do great things through him.
In 2013 he worked for Sanlam Sky Solutions as a Data Capturer, Claim Assessor and at the HR Department.
He later became a CNBC Africa Top Trader Season 2, 4th Place Finalist.
He then studied short courses in Insurance, Financial Accounting, Business Management and Communications, and in 2017, he plans continue with his studies in B.Com Finance at UNISA
In 2014, he embarked on a journey to become an entrepreneur and tried to start a couple of businesses, formally and informally.
After failing on many occasions, his tenacity and determination enabled him to co-found Brightday Chickens [a division of Blue Crystal Holding (Pty) Ltd] which is a newly formed Chicken Farm Business.
As if that was not enough, TSG also co-founded Bokamoso Youth Leadership Foundation which is a youth empowerment and development organisation and The Small Giant (Pty) Ltd which is a vehicle he uses to offer Business Consulting and Financial Services to young entrepreneurs
He gives motivational talks at  schools, churches, events and local radio stations, among many others.
He is currently writing a book which reflects his life journey as someone living with a disability, coming from a poor background and pursuing success as a speaker and entrepreneur.
He is also a Maths, Science and Accounting tutor for high school learners.

TSG is a mentor and coach (informally) for people who want guidance on issues of life, business and investments.
He is part of Activate! Change Drivers, which is a national network of young leaders, being equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa.
He is also involved with A! Men; which is a movement that was formed by activators from Activate! Change Drivers. A!Men seeks to discuss and address the many myths, behaviours, and stereotypes that create a negative perception of what it means to be a man in South Africa.

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