From the four (4) members who are already involved with the magazine, we expect that more persons with disabilities will be involved in the changing of their lives. They are going to enjoy the freedom of their country as enshrined in Section 9 of the South African Constitution Act 108/2006. Our Magazine will prosper to an extent of may be developing to be a designated employer of choice as stipulated in the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998.  We also hope that as we grow in acquiring experience as a magazine we are going to open up more training opportunities for persons with disabilities utilising the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998 in growing and furthering capacity development within the Disability Sector in our Province. On another side the Magazine will contribute towards lessening the burden of the state in the issuing of the Disability Grants. On another side we shall be implementing the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 53 of 2003 through the programmes we shall be applying in our communities. At the moment we have two interns in Journalism and we intend to employ one of them permanently.

To create an industry that is fully developed and undergone a redress to incorporate the marginalized black and disability sector.

Rise ‘N Shine headquarters are in the Eastern Cape until such time we expand our business, East London will be our starting point.  In this town when it comes to issues of disability although some NGO’s exist it is not disability friendly at ALL.

We have the honour to have the Provincial DPSA (Disabled People South Africa) offices, Rehab that is also one of the two disability NGO’s in East London.The magazine does not have any discrimination on age, gender nor race. We expect a huge number of people to participate in the purchasing and employing.

Education and literacy is weighable amongst the different living classes but our publication will make it possible for every person to be able to read it and understand the content inside it. This publication will also assist in raising many issues.

The major health issues in this area are HIV/Aids for both young and old, depression, diabetes, blood pressure, kinder diseases and not of all is the lack of knowledge about what sicknesses that people with disabilities face up with and not of the health services cannot deal with them or are not educated about them. All in all health service is very poor for everyone especially the disabled.