Barkzz World, an organisation passionate about disability awareness and an inclusive society, is running its annual fundraising initiative, On the Move. On the Move saw a successful launch last year and also identified the greater need for such interventions. Hence this year we are raising the bar to 200 wheelchairs. We are also broadening the regions to Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo and North West.
The On the Move fundraising explosion kick started on the 5th of September and will be running for 3 months, ending 3 December 2016. There will be various awareness campaigns throughout this period running concurrently with the fundraising. Details of the activities will be updated on Facebook, Barkzz World.
On the Move was founded by Lloyd Barkzz Babedi. Lloyd the brains and heart of the campaign, identified the need for such a cause after battling and rising above his own disabilities to become a social entrepreneur, disability activist and life
transformation coach. He realised the impact that access to opportunities have on one’s life.
This inspired and drove him to create similar opportunities for other people with disabilities so that they too may be equipped to live their lives to their full potential. And that is how BarkzzWorld was formed. Its services include advisory services on creating a working environment that is accommodative of people with disabilities and an inclusive workforce, events management, corporate gifts and DJ services. Lloyd uses the revenue from BarkzzWorld together with corporate social investments to fund Barkzz Foundation, which is solely aimed at disability awareness through edutainment and motivational talks in schools and society in general.
It is generally said that talk is cheap, and motivation soon fizzles away. Indeed what good is talking to people if you still leave them in the same situation. To make a
South Africa Forward One Assistive Device at a Time
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tangible impact Lloyd expanded the BarkzzWorld offerings to have a platform to obtain assistive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids, walking sticks, eye wear, etc. for those in need but don’t have financial means. And that is the purpose of “On the Move”, to equip people with disabilities so that they too can be on the move to better their lives, contribute to society and play their part in creating a better South Africa.
It is only when one is armed that you have a better chance of winning your battle. People with disability have the potential to contribute to society, however they need the armour, wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids, walking sticks, eye wear, etc. We are all affected because the bitter truth is that disabled person who is capable but not equipped to contribute to society becomes a tax burden. That becomes minor when considering the impact on one’s spirit, being denied dignity.
But we can all make a difference. With the “On the Move” fundraising explosion Lloyd is calling on all citizens to help him create a better country for all. The goal this year is to impact 200 lives. To date, the campaign has received support from actor Zakhele Mapondo Mabasa – famously known for his role on Isibaya as Skhaleni, comedian Deep Friedman, Alex FM, De Grandiose, Isolam Media, Quadriplegics Association of South Africa, SABC and African Press Association. Lloyd is also supported by a great team who is working around the clock for the On the Move vision to be realised.
BarkzzWorld – On the Move Fundraising Explosion
Should you wish donate a wheelchair you can contact Lloyd (details at the end of the article).
To make monetary contribution, the banking details are BarkzzWorld, FNB, Cheque Account, Branch code 201510, Account Number 61636541329. The reference number starts with #DAWC and your name or the name of your business.
It is unfortunate that fraud being rife there might be chancers. Lloyd assures the public that neither him nor any member of his team will ask that any contributions be made into their personal accounts. He also committed that banking details will not be changed during the cause of the programme.
Barkzz World onthemove@ barkzzworld +27 (0)62 108 0922
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