Disabled communities felt that we are quiet as the Disability Sector in terms of disseminating information about the COVID-19 pandemic, whereas we are the worst vulnerable community especially in rural areas e.g. people on wheelchairs, and blind community. Also, our Government is doing nothing for us.

Disabled People must receive information about infection mitigating tips, public restriction plans and the services offered in a diversity of accessible formats with use of accessible technology therefore rapid awareness-raising and training is essential to personnel involved especially during quarantine e.g. support services, personal assistance, food and clean water supply. Deprioritization on the ground of disability Organisations for us must play a vital role in advocating for a disability-inclusive response to the COVID-19 crisis to the Government, Health Services and communications.

Fortunately, from April we are funded by Media Diversity Development Agency to buy PPE’s for our disability communities as a way of sensitizing them about this pandemic. We are working with GCIS who is helping us by giving us pamphlets. We are also accompanied by the workers from Beyond Zero to conduct testing for HIV/Aids to our people and MASH for COVID 91 screening. Also, the Department of Social Development has sponsored us with sanitary towels.

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