• Leadership development among all sectors addressing HIV/AIDS has come to be recognised as a crucial endeavour. Globally, there is a tremendous need for well-trained leaders in healthcare, research, policy, programme management, activism and advocacy, especially in countries such as South Africa where there is high HIV infection.
    Leadership can take a variety of forms. It can be ‘top-down’ and hierarchical, exerting influence by example or, at times, by force.
    The differences between managers and leaders is a point that is not clear to most people and office barriers in organisations. It is mostly understood that leadership and management are one and the same thing and that people believe that they are leaders although you will find that they are not. Being a leader is “doing the right thing” and management is “doing things right”.
    In order for organisations to uphold and succeed they need to have a strong board which will steer the organisation in the right direction. The board and management need to have a good working relationship and sustain transparency to the stakeholders and beneficiaries so that they know what to expect and how all the services of the organisations will benefit them.
    The Organisations that attended the training are from different areas of the Eastern Cape. It was held in December 2019 at Osner Hotel.

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