Marissa Nel and Bonnie Currin met in 2016 at a Businesswomen’s Association event, and through a chance conversation with a Frere Hospital employee heard about the plight of a double amputee child.  Marissa jumped into action to source funds to provide this amazing boy a set of prosthetic legs.  At the hand over attended by the Department of Health, sponsors and media there was not a dry eye in the building as the little boy ran to kick a ball.

This momentous occasion sparked an idea, that we could bring the same joy to so many disabled people by giving them the opportunity to run and so the We Can Run even was born.

“We felt the event would give us a platform to create disability awareness and showcase the opportunity to remove barriers and attempt to improve the quality of life to the disabled community through concrete action” said Marissa Nel.

Marissa Nel & Associates and Current Consulting arranged the inaugural event in 2017, in conjunction with the Daily Dispatch Fun Run which is an annual wheelchair friendly event.   Together with sponsors they invite people with disabilities and their supporter to come enjoy a day out at the Orient Beach Front, and Volunteers push the wheelchairs and ensure the participants have a fabulous day.

“As a avid runner, I can’t think of a better way to share my joy of running by committing to ensuring this event grows year by year so more and more people with disabilities can come enjoy the 4km run/walk along the beachfront and feel like the winner of the race!” says Bonnie Currin.

Our goal is to aid the community of East London to break down the barriers and open doors for those with disabilities, thus ensuring an inclusive society.

“We Can Run is one of those events where the necessary learning about disability and each other as humans takes place. And they will hopefully use that newfound insight, together with the courage emulated by disabled people, to better the world for disabled people.” said Thembi Ngcai a disabled participant.

In 2019 we had 250 join our group at the Spar Daily Dispatch Fun Run and it was another astounding success with 45 disabled participants beings the winners of the day.

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