People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable in South Africa. In most cases, they rely more on the love and care of their parents, family and the wider community at large.

Mapule Moloto was born with two disabilities Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy, but she overcame them and wrote a motivational book titled Amazing Disabilities.

Mapule spoke to this publication about her book and the motivation behind writing it. She said when she couldn’t find employment, she decided to do something with her life because she believed that she was born with an “amazing ability”.

“The book came about after I had realised how the community treats people with disability. I also realised that most families don’t know what to do when they receive the news that their child was born with a disability.” Posted Mapule on her Facebook page.

She discovered her ability to motivate other people through different platforms to remove the stigma and teach people with disability not to feel sorry for themselves but to find their purpose in life.

“Later in life, I discovered that I am a great speaker that’s why I decided to do motivational talks in schools and churches,” said Mapule.

She advocates for support for people who were born with abilities. But at the same time, she said, they shouldn’t depend too much on their families, as they are capable of achieving things on their own.

She added: “I want to educate the society on how to communicate with people born with disabilities because some of them are emotional.”

She believes that people with disabilities can have successful careers and live fulfilling lives and be a part of the community. Also that having a disability does not mean a person is not healthy or that he or she cannot be active.

Asked how educating people about the amazing abilities can remove the stigma she said:”Normally I share my life story of how I am living with my amazing abilities. I then open the floor for them to ask me any questions.”

People living with disabilities are faced with stigma and discrimination from the society where they live. Some people may even look down on them and treat them as special.

In her book Amazing Abilities, Mapule uses her life story as a way to educate people on how they should treat people living with “amazing abilities”. She shares with us how supportive her family has been to her. In the book,  she also shares her journey as an entrepreneur.

“I believe in trying, trying is the best start of becoming successful. If there is something you want to do, go after it. ” Mapule said.

“Listen to your inner voice to tell you what you are good at.”

Mapule also revealed that besides writing she used to volunteer at a local radio station where she hosted a motivational show.  She was inundated with calls from listeners who thanked her for motivating them.

She wrote the book in early 2018 and published it at the end of October. People can order her book directly from Mapule Moloto by inboxing her on her Facebook profile.

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