I was born in 1984 in East London at Frere Hospital. I was born without eye balls, but that never held me back. I went to school at Cape Town, I started there from primary to high school. I spent four and half years until my matric, I spent most of my life at Cape Town.  Cape Town was my home, although I was coming back home during school holidays twice a year in June and December. I am an independent person, I got trained by boarding school and hostel, that made me a new person. I have learned a lot about life, good and bad times. I also did Switch board operator course and a call center course, it was my desire at that stage to go further with my studies, but unfortunately I could not because of the circumstances that could not allow me to go further with my studies and reach my desires. So after that, I considered to come back at East London to assist my precious mother. I think I did tell myself that I will never sit down and put myself into darkness, people must know who I am.

I will not dwell in that world of disability, people will look at me like a normal person and don’t feel sorry about myself. I ask my mother to do my CV and send it to different companies like Buffalo Toyota and so on. I didn’t sit at at home, I got an opportunity to work at Buffalo Toyota. It was my first interview and my first employment in life. Before I went to my interview I was so worried but fortunately I got the job as a switchboard receptionist, I was happy there and I had a good communication with my boss. I worked there for 11 years but unfortunately after 11 years, I had to leave due to illness of my youngest child. At that stage I found difficulties and I had to resign. When I was at home I decided to look for other opportunities of employment. Izwi lethemba came on my way and it was a great opportunity for me, I was working there as a presenter and I got new experience of as a radio presenter. I started working there last year in February, I was not earning a salary.  I am not yet reached my goals and I have two children.

I received another opportunity to work at the library for the blind in East London. I am working three days a week and I know God can make it more days like five days a week. It’s just a start at the moment, I believe I will be employed for 5 days a week.

I recorded an album in 2008 my boss was going to sponsor it and it was consisting of six tracks. I love music and I am a worshipper at church, singing is in my bones and it is one of my talents. I was born like that and I’m sure I will die like that. I hired people to launch my album in 2008, but they could not launch my album, they didn’t fulfill their promise to launch my album and I was not able to sell my album locally. When I grew up it was my dream to sing with American artists and I believe before I die I will sing with other artists in America to get more music opportunities. And I also believe God will make it possible. I am married, I have a big family which consist my mother, stepfather, two brothers, and my two kids. I am a people’s person, I love people, I have a good personality, that’s where my connection starts for me and other people make an important role in my life. I’m playing a big role in other people’s lives as well.

I love my family, my extended family and I’m a family person even though sometimes I am not always with my family. I do contact them and ask them how are they, and where I can help I do assist them, that is who I am and I believe there will be many doors that will be open for Portia.


I knew from the beginning; it won’t be easy for his family meaning my husband family. They had questions as a family like, how am I going to cook, and so on. It is still a question from his brother, and uncle are you now with a disabled wife, but I’m comfortable but it’s not easy for me to talk about this. When I’m sitting I can feel and sense but I know the expression is not easy.

They can’t interfere between the two of us in our marriage. My husband does cook for us, and I know lot of them ask questions, like why the man cook, but some of them they do not ask that question.


Don’t feel sorry for yourself don’t accept that you are disabled, because you are a human being you can do what they are doing, you can step into marriage and you can get a job or you can look beyond challenges. When they say you are disabled just say I’m not we are the same just like you. Treat me the way you treat your brother we are all the same.


Blind woman living in a shack. It is my desire for Government to stand up for us. I have a desire to have my own house and live with my 2 kids. I keep on applying for a house, if my application can be successful, I will be very happy. I wish Buffalo city can assist today, so that I can get my family a house as a blind person. Department of housing must help me even my mother is epileptic and my kids are so small.

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