Women with disabilities are more likely to suffer in silence from gender based violence (GBV) than their able bodied counterparts
Gender-based violence is often worsened by disability-based discrimination experienced by women in the rural areas. To date, efforts to prevent violence against women and girls with disabilities have been hampered by insufficient evidence.

Women with a disability are often considered subhuman, in some cases mentally unstable by their societies and because of that, face a heightened risk of domestic and sexual violence.

Rise ‘N Shine Disability Magazine conducted two days of workshops from the 27th to the 28th of August 2020.

Our objectives of the training were:

• To get participants to understand the seriousness of Gender-Based Violence.
•Get the participants to talk about how they see GBV in their community.
•Get the participants to see how GBV is related to norms and culture.
• Get the participants to understand the implications of GBV on the individual family, community and productivity.
• Lastly, to create a desire with participants to live in an environment free from GBV.

“Our outcomes were that we must improve existing legislation directly linked to gender violence. In addition, improve existing legislation indirectly linked to GBV, bridge the gap between law and practice.
Challenge the rule of law and end impunity for GBV – systematic failure of police, justice personnel and armies put women and girls at risk of violence and prevent access to justice,” announces the statement.

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